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• Our mission is to help the planet 


• Our vision is to serve as a vehicle for driving sustainability mainstream


• Our goal is to change the global system in a very short period of time

EcoLogicProject's immediate funding goals:

Purchase a property or integrate with an existing academic campus

  • Establish the ELP Campus / Research Center / Lab / Eco-Preserve

  • Provide grad student support 

  • Include housing

  • Nurture a non toxic living example – The Nature Preserve Sanctuary – a regenerative ecosystem blueprint easily duplicated globally 

  • To concentrate enlighten minds, to influence on a global scale the urgency needed to stop accelerating atmospheric warming and acidifying from land, air & oceanic threat contributors to climate crisis, sea level rise, pandemics, and syndemics


  • To stop the escalating biodiversity loss cascading toward the empirically evidenced scenario of mass extinction which may include the human race 


Providing accurate empirical data research results, we bring the best and most efficient land, oceanographic, coastal and environmental academic and consulting services in climate science. 



We manage, coordinate, and facilitate research and education programs, sharing ecosystem exploration and observing, analysis, and prediction information through mentoring, advocacy, program management, and facilitation across a wide spectrum of communities. These include oceanographic and academia, formal and informal education, technological and industrial institutions, government entities and municipalities, and the public. 


Redefining the Way 
We Move 

Our mission is to help the planet 


Our vision is to bring eco-stewardship sustainability into mainstream 


Our goal is to change a global system within a very short period of time


We can’t do it in a vacuum


As part of the global globe-loving community we need your help 

To save the planet, it takes support from environmental champions like you to build a more healthy and just world  


Join us - support - volunteer - donate



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