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Dr. Patricia P. B. Eichler - Barker

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Biological Oceanographic Micropaleontology Sedimentology Paleoclimatologist 


Professor, Chief Scientist, Academic Advisor:

Dr. Eichler is a multi-linguist mentoring master and PhD students at private and public universities and schools internationally. She gives students a positive and welcoming experience to help them thrive in their science training. 


Internationally Acclaimed Research Scholar:

Among the world’s foremost biological oceanographic environment scientists, with specialized experience in coastal processes, sediment transport and estuarine dynamics. 

Distinguished Guest of Dr. Li Tiegang, Director General, 1st Institute Oceanology Qingdao, China; IODP- WPWP Expedition 393 Conference - 2019


Prolific Author:  Books, Science Papers and Journals: 

Her extensive international publications include Springer Nature Publications-Book, books, journals, articles, RDTV Radio Host, press releases, etc.


Dr. Eichler's expertise is on the assessment of coastal and marine environments through the integration of marine bioindicators, and physical and chemical datasets, which as a dedicated ecologist she cofounded EcoLogicProject. 


Recently, she has been focusing on the use of stable isotopes for micropaleontology studies for calibration of the past, and how these predictable indicators for ocean acidification and climate change effect future sea level rise, environmental, social and economic loss.

More than 50 published research books, book chapters, and research papers. 

Expert Reviewer:

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - 2021 for the 6th Assessment Cycle, (AR6). 


UN Environment’s flagship report Sixth Edition of Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6),.

International Scientific Journals Reviewer:

Presentations, Lectures, Proceedings and Conferences: 

Geodynamic and Geophysical Laboratory Researcher:

Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte ​UFRN (Natal, RN, Brazil). Simultaneously she works on several projects; a few of these currently include sewage outflow effects on mangroves, coral reef restoration, and conservation of a newly discovered coral reef area in Brazil.


Visiting Scholar

 Moss Landing Marine Labs at San Jose State University (MLML).

 MLML Lecture Video > here

Ocean Sciences Department, at the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC).  

Visiting Professor UC Berkeley:

 Invitation Reference - Dr. Kenneth Finger

Visiting Lecturer Stanford University:

 Invitation Reference - Dr. Jonathan Payne

 (Are we in a 6th Mass Extinction?)


Brazilian citizen with US Work permit E-11: 

 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) classifies her as an 'Alien of Extraordinary ability'.


Curriculum Vitae - Resume

Curriculum Vitae - illustrated



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