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Christofer Barker - CV

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Ecology Stewardship Climate Science & Publications Advisory

Lifelong Santa Cruz California resident Chris grew up in the Coastal Redwood Mountains, and studied Environmental Landscaping at college leading to becoming an Eco-Advocate, Ecologist, Researcher and EcoLogicProject Cofounder. 

Chris is passionate about ELP’s ability to accurately forecast climate change effects, and provide solutions. His dedication to environmental sustainability and vision of bringing fact based climate science forward into Ecosystem Stewardship as mainstream has coalesced into collaboration with Dr. Patricia Eichler-Barker and her earth sciences & climatological research. Land-ocean-atmosphere interactions and mechanisms research allows him to also contribute as coauthor and editor in numerous science publications, and to provide scientific technical support for public, student and client services and needs. 

His consultancy services include eco-stewardship solutions for viable sustainable nontoxic easily demonstrated and reproduced alternatives. 


Previously Chris provided no-cost consultancy services; for at-risk seniors on MediCare, and helped raise millions nationally for underfunded school programs.

Climate Sciences:

Book Author - Springer Nature Publications

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Journal of Aquaculture & Marine Biology: 

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Marine Geology:


Paper A ​

Paper B 

Marine Science:

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Journal of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management:

Extended Abstract


Insurance Broker-Ret. 

California Department of Insurance  License 

 > # 0D83599


California Department of Real Estate - License 

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